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On January 23rd 2017, on his first day on the job, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order pulling the USA out of the TPP. That was the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation free trade block that former President Obama had worked to get passed for years....

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Dilma’s Downfall

Rio de Impeachment! It has happened! The current President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff is going to be impeached! The Professor made this impeachment podcast for you before the final vote was even tallied, but it has since come to pass, and what was passed was the start of...

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World Leaders

Vladimir Putin

President of Russia

Wow! What can the Plaid Avenger say about this total bad-ass that hasn’t already been said? Probably a lot! A judo champion and former KGB agent, this dude is an avid hunter, fisherman, scuba diver and all-around man’s man. But that’s just in his off-time. Back...

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Recep Erdoğan

Prime Minister of Turkey

I do loves the Turkey…and I’m not even talkin’ about Thanksgiving either! Turkey is a fast-rising regional power of note, with increasing importance on the world stage as well in terms of its role as a power broker in Middle Eastern affairs, as a NATO member, and as a...

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Joko Widodo

President of Indonesia

A Widodo Intro….

When one thinks of the World’s most populous countries, China, India and the United States immediately comes to mind.  What is the next populous country after that?  If you can’t come up with the answer in a few minutes, no one would blame you. ...

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