Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State of United States

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  • In-Country Power
  • International Power
  • Respect
  • Military Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Special Skill: Beating Bill

Official Stats

  • Official Title: Secretary of State
  • Government: Well-established democracy
  • Years Left in Office: 2012; re-appointment possible
  • Political Classification:
  • Education: BA Political Science, JD Yale Law School
  • Age: 76 (born October 26, 1947)

Hillary Clinton Facts and Information

Important Points

  • Current US Secretary of State, the top US diplomat and shaper of US foreign policy
  • 2nd world’s most powerful woman in the world
  • Former first lady during Clinton administration
  • Women’s rights activist around the world

The Rundown

Hillary Rodham Clinton is considered by many to be one of the most prominent political figures regarding the current affairs of the United States of America. Currently serving as Secretary of State (S.o.S) under the Obama-Biden administration, this former First Lady of the United States Of America and New York Senator, is continually leaving a mark in the nation’s history books. After serving as 42nd First Lady to her husband, Bill Clinton, Mrs. Clinton’s resounding tenacity pushed her to gain more influence in the political arena, first as New York Senator than as a Democratic nominee for President in 2008. After losing out to the nation’s current Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, Clinton was brought on as a cabinet member. This laid another stepping stone for women’s success in American politics, making her the first former First Lady to serve in a Presidential cabinet.

Preceding her current position, Clinton has always shown to be a politically motivated individual, leading to some questionable past experiences and more noticeably an ever-changing hair style. In her early years, Clinton graduated from Wellesley College, where she quenched her insatiable thirst for politics. Initially associating herself with the Republican Party but later changed her political affiliation when she advocated for the Civil Rights Movement and an end to the Vietnam War. After college, her overwhelmingly outspoken nature led her to pursue the most sensible option of becoming a lawyer. While attending Yale Law School she met her forever faithful and cordial future husband, Bill, also known as ‘Free Willy’.  Together they formed the liberal dream team known as, “Billary” ,and the rest as they say is history; except this is a biography so let’s add a few more tidbits to Hilary’s early beltway history….

Building on her time as a young activist, Hillary became a formidable proponent of both Healthcare and education reform during her time as First Lady; two prevalent issues in the current administration for which she works. Some may go as far to say that her policy as First Lady has influenced the current First Lady’s, Michelle Obama’s, stance on education and childhood obesity (could also be a result of Bill and his heart surgeries).

Clinton won the respect of many for her staunch and resolute support for women and children’s rights worldwide. While also discretely taking her assault on the AIDS pandemic by talking about women and children sex workers getting vaccinations to stop rapid spread which endorsed her role as an activist.  In her hiatus years, Clinton was on the board for many nonprofit organizations that in some manner, either promoted equality for women in the workplace or protection of children’s rights. She was also the first female member on the board for Wal-Mart; after all who can resist those massive all-you-can- buy stores and the great “Roll-Back” prices?

While in the White House, her husband appointed her to run the task force on National Health Care Reform. Although this failed and possibly resulted in public blowback that resulted in a Republican majority in Congress, she was shaping policy even before her time as Secretary of State. She was also the raging bull that helped pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program which provided children with health insurance when their parents couldn’t afford it. Most notably and ironically so, Clinton heavily travelled the world, sometimes without security clearance. She attended various international conferences and sought to improve foreign relations with both India and Pakistan.

All this work (while reaping little acknowledgement) was about to change as Hillary then ran for the US Senate in 2000, and represented the state of New York as their first female Senator for 2 terms.  While forming alliances from the greasy melting pot of U.S. Senators, Clinton also served on not three, not four but five Senate committees. One of those was the Committee on Budget in her early Senate career; it’s hard to think the word budget was even uttered in Congress. Contrary to her liberal tendencies, she approved Bush’s military action in Iraq and supported the US PATRIOT act, later retracting her position when she realized the shizzle had hit the fan on that front. Her innate wisdom and keen ability to see the larger picture won her popularity and another term as New York Senator. From there she went on to run for Democratic Nominee for president in 2008 where she inevitably lost to Obama.

During her stint she boasted of her foreign expertise, a need for a change with NAFTA which her husband was behind and her effort put forth to ensure the welfare of the nation’s future. Obama having seen these strengths while hypocritically undermining them, as goes the political landscape in the U.S. Obama, decided to nominate Hillary as the Secretary of State. Seeing this as her way of having pull in the White House short of being President, Clinton used the “if you can’t beat them than why not join them” mentality and became the S.o.S.

While a normal secretary seems to always sit at a desk answering phone calls and arranging schedules for the boss, the job description becomes more taxing when the head honcho sits in the Oval Office. Clinton’s importance to the Obama administration is invaluable, both on and off the court, considering the deplorable state of the nation’s international status at the end of the Bush administration. Brought in with a nearly unanimous vote from both the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate; (excluding a couple of ‘Lewinsky Lovers’) Clinton was inaugurated, in early 2009 as the 67th S.o.S of the greatest nation on the face of the planet… that apparently only Americans exist on.

From the very start Clinton informed other world leaders that the U.S. will mend what it has previously broken. As the Secretary of State she serves at the helm of foreign diplomatic relations and remains a pivotal component to how the United States coexists with other nations around the world. Considering the degree in which the U.S. influences worldly affairs, Clinton as the major ambassador acts as that keystone preventing the arch of national security and US external perception from falling in on itself.

The list of duties for Hillary is quite extensive and allows the government to stick its capitalistic nose in the business of other countries. These duties include: dealing with the negotiation, termination and publication of foreign treaties, informing the very uneducated American citizens on the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries (as if they cared), as well as the conduct of the U.S. in other countries, advise the President on the state of other world leaders, attend international conferences and ensure protection of U.S. citizens, property and interests in foreign countries. She also has the duty of keeping our boy Obama in check, as well as her mischievous husband. 

As if her position didn’t already require enough, she also is a key factor in retaining and forming beneficial economic relations between the U.S. and other countries. Accounting for the economic sinkhole the U.S. currently finds itself, this aspect of the position seems at the top of Clinton’s ‘honey-do’ list. Simply stated, she advises the P.O.T.U.S. on all foreign issues that could potentially impact the United States directly or indirectly. Essentially she is Wonder Woman and Captain America rolled into one; minus the spandex because that’s a bad image!!

Speaking of image, Secretary Clinton is now considered the most successful female US politician ever, and has forever changed the image of women in US politics. Like her or not, I say she deserves a “bravo” for that, if nothing else.

So what has Mrs. Clinton been up to recently…..aside from her typical M.O. of attending international conferences, reassuring China they will get their money (possibly) and occasionally watching covert operations to kill terrorist leaders? Well, Clinton has been up to her neck with trade relation talks in many Asian countries, preventing conflict from literally blowing up in the Middle East while trying to simultaneously prevent a tsunami effect of the US and European poor economies; all in a day’s work for the Secretary of State.

Before she can deal with all that the big worm eating away at the apple core seems to be those vodka-loving bear’s riding unicycles, and by that I of course am referring to the Ruskies. Yup, our old foe the Russians are once again a main global power and the US seems to be on their knees trying to make amends. Although Clinton seems to be trying to push the reset button and Watergate the hell out of the Cold War, Russia is ‘Putin’ the USA in a corner.

That would be Russian President Putin, the bad-ass, martial arts fighting, real life Ivan Drago who really holds all the chips in Russia, and he regularly undermines all US attempts to better relations, or even play nice with America.  Not only did he not show up to the recent G8 summit hosted by the US, but he has outright mocked the US and NATO defense shield. Clinton has also been in talks about securing Russian human rights which inherently includes more mink hats to deal with the bitter cold. The talks have been over getting Congress to While remaining optimistic, the porcelain doll smile Clinton puts on shows clear frustration in the actions taking by Putin to flip us the bird.

Its seems as though a large pot of Cold War tension seems to be brewing and the Iron Curtain is being draped. Hopefully Clinton is correct in her belief and that her uttered words of concern/ meetings can help prevent Bay of Pigs from becoming a slaughterhouse. Can Hillary do it? Can Hillary re-set our relations with Russia and by trying to tie relations by the meetings set up by both countries? Nope, the OPEC conference made it clear on Russia’s standpoint on the Assad regime, while the US supports Syria, and though constant struggles of the Russkies trying to put down the US war on terror, to which the US finally told the Russkies to suck it by the plan to sign the Rights Bill through constant Russian threats.

Hillary Clinton actually said that Russia must pay for the support of Assad in Syria’s Syria-ous’ problem, which in all retrospect is very serious because of the Assad regime killing over 23000 Syrian citizens. Hillary who is a usual strong and stern women turned into a gentle caretaker in the face of this outcry in which these people faced, she gotten the US to donate $30 million of a total $200 Million in as well as going into the world food program’s providing is providing food aid, medical supplies, emergency and basic healthcare, shelter materials, clean water, hygiene education and supplies and other relief supplies to Syria and neighboring countries. She is providing like a goddess for the people and continues to fight day-in and day-out to make sure that people get equal treatment.

So why does Hillary want the US to become friends with the Russkies anyways?? I know what you’re thinking “Is it because of Cold War relations, NATO security, or just want to become friends with Putin the badass?” All of which is true but one of the main reasons that the US wants relations with Russia is because of trade. That’s right is all about the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! Mrs. Clinton is a piece of the global economy puzzle that without which makes the puzzle largely incomplete, (Disclaimer: puzzle probably made in China) and lately she has been scheduling conferences and before the anger in OPEC summit they were directly talking about lowering trade barriers with Russia and opening trade with them and their friend China. Clinton hopes to raise trade relations which can give more money back in American citizen’s pockets.

We all know that Hillary Clinton is the one of the most powerful women in the world besides Angela Merkel and Oprah, and when two women with powerful women meet things begin to change., Earlier this year Clinton visited Burma to see Aung San Suu Kyi. Who is Aung San Suu Kyi you might ask? She is a Burmese opposition politician and chairperson of the National League for Democracy in Burma, which was imprisoned in her home for 15 years for just winning against the military dictatorship in Burma. Clinton had come to Burma during her imprisonment to see the revolutionary democratic advocate to invite her to Washington after her release which is in early December to plan the next transitions for Burma to actual democracy under her supervision with some help from the US Secretary of State in the nation’s capital.

So who knows what the future holds in store for this political juggernaut. Perhaps she will rise to the top of the stairs Rocky Balboa style and raise her fists to the air as she becomes the first female President; which is long overdue, or simply go back to being a Senator. And while Clinton has no intention of continuing being an Obama subordinate past the current term, she has most certainly had an active role in the White House thus far. Taking into account all that is Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton it’s clear to see why she is such a pivotal part in shaping United States politics in the past two decades, for better or for worse, and as she steps down from her position who knows what will be in store in the future. Clinton 2016???


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