Dr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister of India

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  • In-Country Power
  • International Power
  • Respect
  • Military Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Special Skill: Economic Prowess

Official Stats

  • Official Title: Prime Minister
  • Government: Well-established democracy
  • Years Left in Office: Indefinite: no term limits
  • Political Classification: Centrist to slightly center-right
  • Education: BS, MA, PhD in Economics
  • Age: 91 (born September 27, 1932)

Dr. Manmohan Singh Facts and Information

Important Points

  • Singh has brought economic stability and long-term growth to India
  • Singh has overseen the formation of a strong US/Indian alliance
  • Singh leads the 2nd most populous country on earth (soon to be 1st) with 1.2 billion people
  • Singh leads the largest multi-ethnic, multi-cultural democracy on earth
  • Singh is in control of India's nuclear arsenal

The Rundown

World power position, here we come! India is hustling and bustling right now my plaid friends, and shaping up to be an Asian titan on the world stage….due largely to the main man Manmohan Singh who currently holds the Indian top slot of Prime Minister. What’s that? You say you don’t know Singh? Let’s fix that my friends, because this guy is a serious player that is subtlety affecting world events and thus deserves your recognition and respect! Why is that? I’m glad you asked….let’s get to it.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, is one of the most brilliant leaders in the world and is well regarded for his academic work and for his quiet,down-to-earth personality….both traits which are quite rare among politicians. He has been Prime Minister since 2004, having just started his 2nd five-year term in this position in 2009, but he was a busy boy long before that.  An economist by training, Singh previously held many influential posts in India, including: the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (1982-85), the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India (1985-87) and most importantly the Finance Minister of India (1991-96).  His stint as Finance Minister should be further explained:

For most of its modern history since independence in 1947, India has followed a government-heavy-handed approach to regulating and controlling the economy…you know, its called socialism. Now, it was never full-on communism like the Chinese model, but the Indian state did produce a massive, bloated bureaucracy in order to outright control some sectors of the economy, protect other sectors from competition, and in general regulate the hell out of everything else. All this was done to redistribute some of the resources of the state via services like education, infrastructure, and employment in general. After decades of stagnation and inefficiency, in 1991 India put into play a crucial reform package which restructured the entire government/economy relationship…resulting in tons of privatization, slashing of bureaucratic red tape, and promotion of entrepreneurship. All this set India on a path for sustained economic growth and true integration into the global economy, for the first time ever!

In other words, India started the conversion from a heavy socialist state to one based more on capitalist principles of free trade and less governmental control. This move resulted in decreased regulation and inefficiencies, an increased tax base, increased job creation, and increased foreign investments. Wow! Who was the genius that thought all that up? The main brain behind this plan in the early 1990’s was our main man Dr. Manmohan Singh…hey, wait a minute! I know that dude! He is currently the Prime Minister, isn’t he?  You know this!

And Prime Minister Singh continued these same successful economic reforms in first term, largely focusing on reducing government fiscal deficit, providing debt relief to poor farmers and advancing pro-industry economic and tax policies. The result: he has presided over a period where the Indian economy has swelled by an average annual 8?9% economic growth rate for a decade. That is huge! Singh has been a big force behind the country’s successful economic conversion, and people in India know this…and now so do you! With economic power comes global attention and importance, which India is continuing to gain year after year….

But Singh is a playa’ outside India too. As leader of India, Singh oversees the absolute largest multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-religious full-fledged democracy on earth! A model for the entire planet! And India is the 2nd most populous country on the planet with 1.3 billion citizens (and it is soon to take the pop top slot from China), so being in charge of 20% of humanity is kind of an important position in its own right. India also is a large contributor of troops to the United Nations, and increasingly has a voice in how those troops are used. In fact, look for Dr. Singh to push very hard for India to be given a position on the UN Permanent Security Council…a spot that I am predicting he will actually soon get.

Add to that the fact that India is a declared nuclear power, has an advanced space program, has the largest and most advanced military in the region, and is even acquiring an aircraft carrier! These guys got game! You should always know who is in charge of India, and for now that is Singh! His disposition is for peaceful resolution of regional and global problems (much like Gandhi), so he is a hugely stabilizing force in a otherwise chaotic area (i.e. problems in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, etc). Singh has also committed his country in joining the US-led global War on Terror. Yep. That’s right. Singh and Uncle Sam on the same team.

You Americans should really get to know this guy better too…because he is increasingly one of your best-est buddies on the planet! Say what? You heard me. Under Singh, the US/India relationship has been blossoming like never before! It really started when former US President Bush helped broker a deal with Singh which will be providing fuel and technology to India in order to help build their nuclear energy industry. With the opening of the Indian economy, we are now seeing all kinds of business, technological, political, and even military ties quickly forming between these two giants.

More importantly, this starts the solidification of a new era of US/India foreign policy, which serves to pull Prime Minister Singh and all of India distinctly into the ‘Team West’ camp on a variety of global issues. Namely, India is now firmly on-board the ‘Team West’ train in being a democracy, being a capitalist economy, being a big advocate of human rights and individual liberties, being a member of the ‘War on Terrorism’.

And India will certainly benefit by this new stronger alliance as well. Look for current President Obama and all others after him, to increase visitation, aid, and military intelligence with Singh.  But Singh ain’t no lap-dog: India will be maintaining its independent leadership role in the region, and the world. That’s why its important to watch this guy and see what he is up to all the time. His opinion, his voice, and his country all increasingly affect how events are unfolding in today’s world.

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