Steve Jobs

Chairman and CEO, Apple Inc of Apple

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  • In-Country Power
  • International Power
  • Respect
  • Military Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Special Skill: leading figure in both the technology and entertainment industries

Official Stats

  • Official Title: Chairman and CEO, Apple Inc
  • Government: N/A
  • Years Left in Office: N/A
  • Political Classification:
  • Education: Enrolled in College
  • Born: February 24, 1955
  • Died: October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Facts and Information

Important Points

  • Steve Jobs' networth in 2010 was $6.1 billion

The Rundown

It is rare that you see an artist in his 30s or 40s able to really contribute something amazing; however for Steve Jobs now in his mid-50?s seems to impress America every year with something new for our growing technology world.  On February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, Steve Job was born and adopted by Paul & Clara Jobs.  Jobs attended school in Cupertino, California (where Apple Incorporated is based).  After graduating high school he attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon for a semester in 1972.  He then returned to California in 1974 to find himself working with later business partner Steve Wozniak at Atari.

Later Jobs and Wozniak left Atari to become co-founders of Apple in 1976.  On April 1, 1976, these two men introduced he first Apple computer line called Apple II.  Soon after Apples computer line was released Wozniak and Jobs introduced the first desktop computer ?Macintosh; which made Jobs a multimillionaire before he was 30 years old.  However, Jobs was soon forced out of Apple in 1985, when sales slumped and John Sculley became Apple?s CEO.

Upon leaving Apple, Jobs founded NeXT Computer, which took the graphical lessons from Mac and married them to the computing power of Unix.  Also being involved in NeXT Computers, Jobs purchased a computer graphics division in 1986 for ten-million dollars, soon becoming Pixar Animation Studios.  Due to his success with NeXT, Apple brought Jobs back in 1997 as CEO; (still CEO to this day) to bring them out of bankruptcy.  Soon after Jobs turned NeXT into Pixar into a maker of animated movies (which Disney purchased in 2006 for $7.6 billion in stock).  Creating smash hits such as, Toy Story, A Bug?s Life, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, along with many more.  Jobs once again, becoming very successful, turned his failing graphic computer line into a dominant movie-making force in Hollywood.  In 2006 Jobs landed himself a spot on Disney?s board and made himself the largest individual shareholder of Disney.

Steve Jobs was able to make it through the media without anyone questioning his health until he announced in 2004 to his employees he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pancreas.  Jobs had to get a pancreaticoduodenectomy (also known as a Kausch-Whipples procedure) which successfully removed the cancerous tumor in his pancreas.  While he was on leave Timothy D. Cook (head of worldwide sales and operations at Apple) ran the company.  Jobs ____.  In 2006 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the media questioned his ?thin and almost gaunt? appearance, while his employees quoted ?Steve?s health is robust? putting an end to the media?s questioning.  Putting the questioning to rest in 2007 Jobs was named the most powerful businessman by Fortune Magazine.  However in 2008 they started questioning again while officials stated, ?Job?s was a victim to a ?common bug? and is on antibiotics? while others said the result to his thin body was because of the Whipple procedure.  On January 14, 2009 Jobs wrote that ?in the previous week he had come to learn his symptoms are more complex than original through? coming to conclusion with a six-month leave notice to allow him to better focus on his health.  Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple once again.  In April of 2009 Jobs underwent a liver transplant and came out in excellent shape to the company again.  At the beginning of 2011 Apple granted him a leave of absence, once again to focus on his health.  Even though Jobs is on leave he will continue to be involved in major decisions towards his company.  At this time Jobs net worth is 6.1 billion dollars and is a very intelligent wealthy man in America.

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