World Economics

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World Economics

1. Money! Intro to Economics (3:43)

2. Economic Systems....Left to Right

2.1 The Systems (34:42)

2.2 Nationalization vs Privatization (25:17)

2.3 Examples (11:06)

Just for the smart capitalist kids:

On capitalism: Milton Friedman - Socialism vs. Capitalism (which is the model for...)

Bill Gates: How to Fix Capitalism (5:41)

Just for the smart communist kids:

Karl Marx speaks on communism (2:44)

Just for fun: What is Communism (Night at the Roxbury-style) (3:56)

Just for the smart socialist kids:

Chomsky on Socialism (4:42)

3. Types of Economic Actvities

3.1 Fab 4 Economic Sectors (16:07)

3.2 Economic Sector Smackdown (10:29)

3.3 Economic Exceptions (9:05)

4. Measuring Wealth: GDP et al (21:33)

Just for the smart kids: Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index (16:50)

Just for instructors: Look at economic data for the world at IMF Data Mapper

Just for instructors: Check out economic regional assessment in IMF video collection

5. Other Monetary Matters (19:47)

Just for the really smart kids: Hans Rosling: Asia’s rise—how and when

Just for the really smart kids: Alex Tabarrok on how ideas trump crises (14:36)

6. Sold! Wrap it up! (3:42)