World of States

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World of States

1. Intro: A World of States (1:37)

2. The State of States (17:40)

Just for practice: Map quiz on regions

Just for practice: Map quiz for rice

Just for practice: Timed map quiz

3. Speaking of Sovereignty

3.1 What is it? How do you get it? (19:04)

Just for fun: Eddie Izzard Do You Have a Flag? (2:43)

3.2 Sovereignty Stopper: Genocide (17:33)

Just for the smart kids: What is Genocide?

3.3 Modern Day Sovereignty Issues (22:22)

Just for the smart kids: The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

3.3.1 2016 Sovereignty Shizzle Updates (28:26)

3.4 State or Not a State Game (7:33)

4. World Political Systems

4.1 The Political Left and Right (9:52)

4.2 Types of Government (26:23)

Just for practice: Identify the Government type

Just for fun: Monty Python’s take on types of government (3:10)

4.3 Global Patterns of Governance (12:27)

5 Heads of State

5.1 The Americas (59:25)

5.2 European Eurasia (1:25:10)

5.3 Middle East (32:44)

5.4 Sub-Saharan Africa (34:43)

Just for practice: World Leader Quiz

6. World of States Summary (1:49)

Just for the smart kids: Parag Khanna maps the future of countries (18:53)