Turntable.fm rules

Turntable.fm rules for "The International Spin" room

First please refer to Turntable.fm's FAQs http://turntable.fm/static/faq.html This room is for a Professor Boyer’s World Regions class at Virginia Tech (geog1014). Music in the room will be played to 2800 students from 5:45-7pm and 9:30ish to 10pm (EST) on Monday nights, on a large screen so everyone knows what songs are on. Broad international music is what we are going for. That includes music from everywhere EXCEPT: US and Europe. Preferably music not in English. Please expand our horizons...either search for songs or upload your own from your computer. Be Nice, please. This sounds easy, but with the wide variety of music played you will find something you hate. When that happens please don’t start raging in the chat, just Lame it if you feel you need to and/or mute the speakers near the DJ stand. This is a judgment free zone. We do not accept “AFK” DJ'ing. (Away From Keyboard) If you are on the DJ stand you are expected to be there. If you need to go AFK for a few minutes just let us know. If life happens and you need to go, step down. Please answer when someone asks if you are there, that is the only way to be sure that you really are. If you don't answer you risk being booted. Please try to keep the songs under 6 minutes, this gives others a chance to play more music before class starts. Use your preview button to make sure the version you are about to play is what you wanted and it of good quality. Click on “room info” to see what songs have played recently, please do not repeat any that have been played recently. Ways to find international music: Amazon's free international music mp3 downloads. Good to get band names to search for in turntable or to download free songs and then upload to turntable. http://plaid.at/amazonint if you need a moderator please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)