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International Interviews

Bhargav (India)


Country: India

Occupation: Physics Student

Keywords: India, Civil Service, Corruption, Naxalites, Police, Manmohan Singh, Misconceptions, Pulp Fiction, Slumdog Millionaire, Little Europe, Beliefs, Parents

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Arsalan (Iran)


Country: Iran

City: Tehran

Occupation: Construction Management Master's Student

Keywords: Iran, Tehran, Underground Partying, Drugs, Drug Culture, Bribery, Satellite Television, Police, Politics, Green Movement, Tehrangelas, infrastructure, US-Iran Relations, Self-Reliance, Education, Women's Rights, Soccer, FIFA, Misconceptions

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Touhida (Bangladesh)


Country: Bangladesh

City: Satkhira

Occupation: Accounting Student

Keywords: Bangladesh, Satkhira, Flood Plains, Climate, Rain, Poverty, Microfinancing, Education, Community, Music, Politics, Develpment, Food, Cake

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Joolan (Yemen)


Country: Yemen

City: Aden

Occupation: Biochemistry Student

Keywords: Yemen, Aden, USS Cole, Revolt, Dictator, Ali Saleh, Unification, Bribery, Tribes, North Yemen, South Yemen, Family, Propaganda, Al Qaeda, Civil Wars

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Jason (Hong Kong)


Country: China

City: Hong Kong

Occupation: Aspiring Police Detective

Keywords: China, Hong Kong, British Rule, English Common Law, Chief Executive, Laws, Politics, Territories, Big City Life, Examinations, Education, American Education System, Racism, Government, Police, Corruption

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