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International Interviews

Nabeel (Pakistan)


Country: Pakistan

City: Lahore

Occupation: Accounting and Finance Student

Keywords: Pakistan, Lahore, Misconceptions, Foreign Policy, Gun Culture, Taliban, Violence, War on Terror, Polarization, Government, Justice System, Asif Zardari, Corruption, Anti-Americanism, India, Culture

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Amre (Egypt)


Country: Egypt

City: Seila

Occupation: Computer Engineering Student

Keywords: Egypt, Seila, Government, Hosni Mubarak, Politics, Revolution, Elections, Economy, Emergency Law, Tahrir Square, High School, Soccer, Poverty

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Mike (Germany)


Country: Germany

City: Cologne

Occupation: Business Management & Finance Student

Keywords: Germany, Cologne, Education, Sports, High School, Laws, Drinking, Discipline, Ethiopia, Business, Racism

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Denys (Ecuador)


Country: Ecuador

City: Quito

Occupation: Civil Engineering Student

Keywords: Ecuador, Quito, Corruption, Government, Correa, Bullfighting, Politics, Economy, Turmoil, Lucio GutiƩrrez, Revolution, Employment, Hamsters

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Hussain (Saudi Arabia)


Country: Saudi Arabia

City: Jeddah

Occupation: Computer Engineering Student

Keywords: Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Mecca, Air Travel, Red Sea, Floods, Indonesia, Islam, Arab Ethnicities, Fried Chicken

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