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International Interviews

Alfredo (Guatemala)


Country: Guatemala

City: Guatemala City

Keywords: literacy, rainforest, Mayan ruins, Pacaya volcano, uneven distribution of wealth, remittance, soccer, polo, civil war, Rigoberta Menchú, government corruption, drug trafficking, cell phone jacking, Petén department, Lake Atitlán, fishing, indigenous population, poverty, tourism, Mestizo

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Adrian (Netherlands)


Country: Netherlands

City: Wassenaar

Keywords: Dutch, transportation, food, laws, alcohol, marijuana, beach, engineer, weather, suburbs

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Christopher (United Kingdom)


Country: United Kingdom

City: Coventry

Graduate student in Creative Writing at Virginia Tech

Keywords: class, social conventions, British humor, food, safety

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Dr. Gnyawali (Nepal)

Dr. Gnyawali

Country: Nepal

City: Kathmandu

Keywords: Ghormi, Maoist, Community Party, Dashain, Tihar, family, political instability, economy, farming agriculture, tourism, life experiences

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Rae (Trinidad and Tobago)


Country: Trinidad and Tobago

City: Vranje

Keywords: travel, weather, common misconceptions, food, sports, music, parties/festivals, religion, carnival, Rastafarianism, house structure, tourism

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The Plaid Avenger chats with peeps from all over the planet in an effort to learn more about the culture, current events, modern life, and misconceptions about their societies from actual folks who are from there! There are no politicians, no pundits, and no's just real people, with real knowledge, talking about the real world.

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