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International Interviews

Araceli (Mexico)


Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City

Keywords: Enrique Pena Nieto, climate, weather, United States, Virginia, Blacksburg, education, politics, drugs, cartels, Feliple Calderon, Arizona, Marijuana, economy, inflation, tortilla, Cancun, New York, Americans, high school, college, Barack Obama, legalize, consumer, producer, illegal, immigrants, stereotyping, racial profiling, border control

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Pelin (Turkey)


Country: Turkey

City: Istanbul

Keywords: Kurds, Dubai, voting, presidential term, implementation of laws, Abdullah Dur, Recep Erdogan, Ankara, climate, drugs, conservative, social class, culture, modernism

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Dr. Daniel (Israel)

Dr. Daniel

Country: Israel

City: Ashkelon

Shusterman Visiting Israeli Professor of Judaic Studies at Virginia Tech

Keywords: Jerusalem, Yom Kippur War, Six Days War, first Israeli-Lebanon War, Arab Spring, Hamas, Likud, Netanyahu, Fatah

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Adam (United Kingdom)


Country: United Kingdom

City: Barnstaple

Keywords: London, rural, economy, schools, job market, pop culture, spare time, television, geography, south west coast, soccer, futbol, climate

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Nneoma (Nigeria)


Country: Nigeria

City: Lagos

Keywords: tribes, palm wine, yams, kola nuts, Christianity, PDP, ANP, ACN, cassava, fufu, social media, food, British education system, University of Lagos, gender inequality, family, Oxfam, UN, DFID, traffic, transportation, Danfo buses, jeeps, civil war, francophone, Benin, Niger, Cameroon, Atlantic ocean, oil, gas subsidy, Occupy Nigeria, OPEC

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